What are Backlinks? A Secret Webmasters Need to Know

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What are Backlinks? A Secret Webmasters Need to Know

The backlinks are one of the four most important factors in SEO after content (Content is King, Link is Queen). Simply understanding that backlinks are links from other websites to your website, Backlinks means an important thing in increasing the ranking of your website in Google. So what are backlinks? Why are backlinks important in SEO? Follow the content below:


What are Backlinks?

Simply understanding that backlinks are links from other websites to your website.

More specifically, the fact that you place or user places a link backlink on a pointing website based on characters such as anchor text or full link, and when the user clicks on that link, it will lead to your website.

The SEO process has two steps that are Onpage SEO and Offpage SEO. The Backlink is an important factor in Offpage. It decides to bring the keyword to the top, and your position is high or low based on the Page Rank of your website, but Page Rank depends a lot on backlinks.

Use tool: Backlink Maker

How to evaluate backlink quality in SEO?

The quality of backlinks is considered good or bad depending on the search engines that users use. For example, when a user searches for a keyword on Google, its system will release thousands of bots like search engines to scan all web pages containing the keyword and give the best results for you. And, to get quality results related to what users search for, these bots are set up with a thorough search mode.

If your website has backlinks to many reputable sites, naturally mentioned, the "bot" will understand this as a reliable website address, trusted by many people, and will proceed to recommend the website to the user.


The Importance of Backlinks in SEO

A Backlink is very important in the professional SEO procedure. A Backlink is like a vote for the website. It helps the website to have more credibility and be more appreciated by Google. It is responsible for navigating users to visit the website.

Many SEO managers are currently abusing backlinks. They put backlinks on any forum or website they visit. If you leave backlinks on the websites you go through, pay attention to their effectiveness. Currently, Google and users love quality backlinks, and to create such quality backlinks, you need to have the right strategy instead of just caring about the number of backlinks.

Other Definitions

  • Link Juice: The phrase "Link Juice" means the value or equity that is transferred from one page or site to another in the SEO world. The hyperlinks pass this value. Search engines consider links that are quality and worthy of promotion from other Internet sites.

  • Nofollow Link: Nofollow is an attribute of a link, Nofollow links are links tagged with rel=”nofollow”, when tagged with this tag, search engine bots will not go through this link. Nofollow links are not counted in the PageRank index, so it has almost no effect on the website's ranking on search engines.

  • Dofollow Link: Dofollow is a link that receives the Juice Link from one website to another. The Google bot finds these links and scans the anchor text. As such, Dofollow links have a direct impact on your backlink profile because they give search engines signals to understand what the linked website is referring to.

  • Linking Root Domain: Linking Root Domain refers to the number of backlinks to a website from a single domain. Even if a website links to your site ten times, it will only be considered a linking root domain.

  • Low-quality links: are links that come from automated, spam sites. They are poor-quality backlinks. These links will adversely affect your website. This is one of the reasons you should be careful when buying backlinks.

  • Internal Link: a link from one page of your website to another on your website is an internal link. To discover information on your website, your users and your search engine need links. To explore the website and discover the contents they desire, your users use links. Also, search engines use your site's browsing links. If no links to it exist, you won't discover a page.

  • Anchor Text: is a visible piece of text that when you click on a hyperlink will redirect to a new web page/URL. Normally, Anchor Text is also known as link label, link text, or link title.

7 Effective Backlink Strategies

1/ High PR Backlinks

Of the effective ways to build backlinks, this is probably the first factor that every SEO manager cares about when starting the process of building backlinks for their website. In our experience, backlinks should be placed in forums with PR ≥ 4 to get the best rating from Google. Of course, that doesn't mean we should ignore forums with low PR. If you consider each backlink as a vote for your website, the "votes" from reputable websites (high PR) will be more valuable. However, if your website only receives votes from those high PR websites, you will be noticed by Google due to irregularity. Therefore, the advice when building backlinks is to spread links from forums with different PR and focus more on high-ranking forums.

2/ Build backlinks on High DA (Domain Authority)/ PA (Page Authority) websites

High DA and PA values indicate that the website's credibility is great. And Google loves the links on those pages. In our experience, forums with DA ≥ 20, in the same niche as your website, and high PR are great ideas for building backlinks.

3/ Build backlinks on high-traffic websites

It is easy to understand that high-traffic websites are already highly rated by Google, which leads to your unlinked articles being rated higher as well. In addition, with a large amount of traffic, if your article is good, it also increases the likelihood that readers will see your article and click on the anchor text.

4/ Build backlinks on similar niche Sites

Users and Google always want to see content in the right place. Therefore, building backlinks on sites with the same topic as the keyword which we want to set as the anchor text is the best choice. In many cases, some topics do not have many separate discussion forums. You can also build backlinks to the same topics in other forums. This will also be appreciated instead of the spammy links you create to websites with unrelated topics.

5/ Build backlinks in articles

Many places allow you to put anchor text such as signatures, articles, etc. However, you should build backlinks in the article. Links in signatures, in comments will not be appreciated. A good practice is that each link you want to point to should appear only once in that post.

6/ Dofollow Backlinks

It is the basis for an effective backlink-building strategy. Dofollow links help direct search bots to our website and increase rankings and reviews for the website. One thing to note, you need to adjust the number of Dofollow and Nofollow links. If the link you build is all Dofollow, Google will consider it abnormal.

7/ Backlinks from .gov, .edu sites

Most of the .gov, .edu sites are owned by governments, so their reliability is very high. Google also evaluates the same. So when building backlinks, try to find .gov, .edu sites to put links.


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