How to get ideas for your articles – Three effective tips for SEOs

07/31/2021 12:00 AM by Admin in Seo tips

How to get ideas for your articles – Three effective tips for SEOs

Sometimes you get stuck in finding new ideas for your articles. Maybe your skills are not enough to generate a lot of new ideas, or you do not know the tips that I will share right below.

1/ Refer to competitors' content writing ideas

Here is the fastest and most used method today by copywriters. You can do this trick in 3 methods:

Method 1: Identify competitors, consult content writing ideas

You can identify competitors by searching on Google for the keyword you are looking to do SEO and selecting the first ten competitors. If these ten websites are duplicated content and don't give you any better idea, you can use the following method.

Method 2: Search for ideas on forums with the same SEO topic

You can find the forum in the following way:

Access the Google search bar and enter keywords with the syntax as below:

"keyword" +forum

Once you have a list of forums, you can choose the ones with the most engagement and search for posts on them. Or you can search for content by entering the syntax: “keyword”

You can look for content writing ideas in articles that already rank in search results. Usually, with the larger, more reputable forums, you will get more quality content writing ideas.

Method 3: Search for content writing ideas on social networking sites.

Social networks where is almost everything is shared. It's a great place of content ideas for anyone who wants to tap into it. However, it is not easy to find good writing ideas without skills. The search often ends up being boring, and you're stuck.

Here are a few ways that can help:

  • Search content by topic:

Use hashtags(#) to search for relevant topics on social networking sites like Facebook or Google Plus.

Example: #SEO

Then, search for ideas from the results obtained. This result file will get more and more varied depending on your friend list.

  • Search for groups/users sharing information on the same topic:

Search by the main keyword on Facebook, and you will get several results of the topic that same yours. Join/Follow to get more ideas from these groups/users.

2/ Read user comments

User comments are one of the best sources of unique content ideas for content marketers. Where do they appear:

  • Forum: In addition to finding ideas in forum posts, the comments users leave in discussion topics speak of their difficulties. It is a valuable source of information that should not ignore.
  • Social: this is where many quality comments help you come up with better content ideas.
  • Website: User comments on your website or competitors are also a way for you to create content writing ideas. Turn unique comments and questions from readers into your new article topics.

This way will be harder to find than the previous way, but what you get will be extremely valuable and have a high search volume on Google.

3/ Write an article by yourself

To do this, the author must have professional knowledge and high creativity. Some tips you can use:

  • Use "6W + 1H"

It is quite an effective way that journalists reward headlines and also a way for you to create ideas for writing articles to avoid duplication. You will need to answer seven questions:




Which........? (comparison)




  • Use the topic: "predicting" is one of the good ideas

Based on the information you have, you can write content according to the idea of ​​"predicting the future"


– Predict smartphone usage trends in 2022.

– In 2022, which country will lead the labor export market?

– SEO trends in 2022.

This content always attracts a large number of readers. However, you have to make sure that the article reaches the right audience at the right time to create the best viral effect.

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