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What is GetRespones?

GetResponse is an "all-in-one" flexible email marketing software that assists businesses in sending automated emails, managing customer relationships, converting potential consumers into loyal customers, and reaching out to potential customers on a variety of platforms: desktop, mobile, tablet, ...

It is one of the popular tools used by many businesses. Specifically, Getresponse is an email marketing software that allows you to:

  • Import and manage email lists. You can also use data from GetResponse software to create newsletters sent to subscribers on your email list.
  • Automatically send customer service emails through the “autoresponders” feature. It also analyzes data related to email marketing campaigns. 
    For example, email open rate, number of clicks (click through), number of emails forwards, etc.
  • In addition to email marketing, this tool also provides hosting for webinars, landing pages, and some other features related to customer relationship management – CRM.

Main features of GetResponse

Not only provide necessary information about email marketing such as hosting, templates, autoresponder, metrics, etc, as mentioned. Currently, this software has also expanded some features to become an "all-in-one" /CRM marketing application.

So are all the features of GetResponse good? Let's explore together!

"You can customize the time"

For example, when someone joins your email list, they will immediately receive a welcome message. The next day, they will get some valuable information. A week later, they receive a promotion notice of some product or service. Then a few days later, they may receive a message asking to follow your business on social networks, etc.

That is the original function of GetResponse – it provides an extremely easy-to-use feature set.

"Categorize emails through subscribers' actions"

With each different action of subscribers, they will receive different emails. GetResponse can categorize them by actions:

  • Open email
  • Clicking
  • Sign up for a specific list
  • Change personal information
  • Complete the transaction / fulfill the goal
  • Birthday
  • ...

For example, when I send an email to 2 people: A and B. Suppose user A receives the email and reads it, while user B receives the email but does not open the email to read. In this case, of course, the email received by person A and person B definitely will be different the next time.

1/ Email Marketing

With a guaranteed 99% delivery success rate proven by GetResponse, you can have complete confidence that you're sending emails to the right customer inboxes.

You can schedule your email delivery days or even months in advance – before it is actually sent to your customers. It's basically an automated process.

  • GetResponse also has another great feature called Perfect Timing that allows you to send an exact email and know when your contacts will open it.
  • Using the Time Travel feature, you can also send your emails at the same local time to your customers in all time zones.
  • If you're a blogger, you can use the RSS-to-Email feature that automatically notifies your subscribers about new posts.

2/ Landing pages

A landing page is a simple web page specifically designed to get a visitor to take a specific intended action.

In general, a Landing page is used with many different purposes in mind. For digital marketing, almost Landing pages are built to collect emails or get customers to buy products or services. Landing pages normally are created to force a visitor to take a specific action. It may bring in a new order or a new email for future contacts.

As an email marketer, the most important thing is to have a beautiful landing page. Otherwise, the landing page may not convert customers well. What you see above are available landing page templates provided by GetResponse. You need to understand that landing pages need to be optimized to make visitors willing to provide their email addresses.

Using GetResponse, you can design these landing pages yourself. Its interface is very user-friendly and powerful that even for beginners.


3/ Marketing Automation

With GetResponse's Marketing Automation, you can build a 24/7 email automation system. You also can create hundreds of scenarios and get a real-time view of the customer journey and more.

You may easily define your objective if you want to automate your marketing. You can make use of the five tools listed below:

  • Tags and scores
  • Automation flows
  • Abandoned cart emails
  • Website visitor tracking
  • Product recommendations

4/ Webinars

You, as the host, can host an event and then invite people to your webinar. It often helps turn subscribers into repeat customers.

You can send invitations to your email contacts. And if someone is interested, they can sign up for the webinar. Webinars are highly effective because they are the closest thing to humans. You can build the highest level of trust with your customers.

If you want to reach out to your target demographic online. As a result, you can connect at any moment. This integrated webinar software is designed to boost conversions and engagement. As a result, simple installation may be done in less time.

5/ Conversion funnel

You may develop your product/services with your target for premade funnel specialized, automated marketing. As an example, Sales Funnel: Online sales funnels for products and services. Lead Magnet Funnels: Lead magnet funnels are used to build your list. List Building Funnel: Increase signups and nurture your expanding email list.
Develop Your Audience and Monetize Your Expertise with a Webinar Funnel Everything You Need to Sell Online Using E-Commerce Tools

6/ Paid advertisement

You can simply place sponsored advertising and have tools built in to administer and monitor your paid campaigns. For example, Facebook Advertisements: Create, execute, and manage Facebook and Instagram ads. Create animated social media videos and banners using Social Ads Creator. , Facebook Pixel: Easy connection for effective recovery efforts.

Pros and Cons of GetResponse


  • I appreciate that it provides unique templates and that I can customize the theme of the specific campaign.
  • I may obtain a quantitative and thorough report on the procedures I am working on.
  • It features a highly thorough and reliable statistics system.
  • Best customer service with 8 different languages.
  • You can try all the features of GetResponse for 30 unlimited days without declaring credit card details.
  • All plans come with free 24/7 support.


  • 500 people are the max who can participate in a webinar.
  • Complete automation is not available at the basic plan
  • Complex email automation structure.


After 30 days FREE trial (No credit card required), you can choose one of the standard plans or stay on GetResponse Free, featuring free-forever Website Builder, email marketing, and powerful lead generation tools.

click here for a free trial 


  • Automation
  • Autoresponder
  • Email marketing
  • Split Test
  • Landing pages
  • Analytics
  • conversion funnels
  • Webinars
  • APP and integrations
  • Additional Features

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